Our Workshop

A Spirit of Style, Inspiration and Workmanship

Designing, creating and repairing fine jewelry, with an eye for intricate details is what our jewelry artisans do each day in our workshop.
The workshop is central to the process of jewelry making. It creates the space in which the tools of the trade are applied and fosters the environment in which creativity can thrive.

Today, in our 15,000 square foot on-site workshop, our artisans skillfully work with precious metals and gemstones to be used in our creations. Designing, molding, casting, setting and polishing are done with the greatest precision. Using old-world time-tested skills, modern tools and technology, our master craftsmen work to deliver the most detailed and unique jewelry designs.

For more than a quarter of a century, individuals, jewelry professionals and some of the most renowned designers in the industry have come to our in-house workshop to have our highly skilled craftsmen design, create, and repair beautiful jewelry.

At Richards & West, our workshop and our people are the center of our rich heritage and outstanding reputation. Our passion and pride is visible in every piece we create which bears our signature – a symbol of the unparalleled quality of the products crafted by Richards & West.

Taking care of all things precious with an unyielding spirit of style, inspiration and craftsmanship, we endeavor to remain masters in fine jewelry.